Celebrating 20 Years!

Franklin Center is celebrating 20 years of transforming lives. Founded in 2003 as The Whole Learning School, we've grown to five program areas that work together holistically to unlock the potential of neurodiverse individuals. Watch and read more about our journey, and join us for the next 20 years of amazing transformations.


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Franklin Academy

A Minnesota K-12 school providing holistic and tailored education for neurodiverse learners.

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Franklin Therapy

Fully licensed, comprehensive therapy for the neurodiverse, with a focus on the intersection of behavioral and mental health.

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Franklin Enrichment

Engaging experiences outside of school where students build friendships, create connections, and develop social skills.

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Campl Franklin

Summer camps for neurodiverse or sensory-sensitive students to maintain their learning, have fun, and make friends.

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Franklin Capstone

A post-secondary program offering social vocational, and life skills courses, preparing young adults to live and work independently with confidence.

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Read stories of transformation on our blog—including alumni Sally's journey from uncertainty to independence!


Amazing Transformations

At Franklin Center, we unlock the potential for a full, independent, confident life. Through our innovative, tailored services and education we deliver a unique and highly effective holistic service model. Hear first-hand from Academy students how Franklin Center has empowered them to soar!

From 2003 to 2023!

A message from Executive Director, Kim Snow:

This year represents our 20th year as an organization and school. In 2003, The Whole Learning School was founded by a group of parents who needed a better place for their children. We are so happy they took that first step. We continue to build on that foundation to meet the needs of neurodiverse people, from toddlers to 20-somethings through our five program areas.

I am honored to be leading our organization during this part of our 20-year journey. I look forward to continued growth, for our organization and all our families, as we plan for the next 20 years of unlocking potential.


Have a transformation story to share?

What better way to celebrate our twenty years than to tell our community's transformation stories
Click below to read an amazing story from a current parent on Franklin Center's Blog.


Whether you are a board member, staff, or current or alumni family we want to hear your stories! If you have one to share, email Kelsey.Goth@franklinmn.org. (It doesn't have to be long!).

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