What is an Assessment?

An assessment is the first stage in the treatment process. It can provide information about the individual to gain more insight as well as be helpful for other service providers to navigate, support and improve functioning.

How does an Assessment work?

Your therapist will meet with you and your child. Information is gathered about your child’s history, social and emotional needs, medical or developmental concerns, current symptoms, and future goals.

Diagnostic Assessment: This is a comprehensive mental health assessment that will help parents and families clarify a diagnosis, monitor changes in functioning, and obtain treatment recommendations.

Psychoeducational Evaluation: Determines if your child has a learning disability or other issues that impact his or her ability to learn. These evaluations usually measure emotional/behavioral functioning and their impact on the child’s academic success.

How to know if an Assessment is necessary?

  • Struggles with everyday activities
  • Has a hard time following directions/finishing tasks
  • Demonstrates challenging or disruptive behaviors
  • Received a recommendation from another provider
  • Diagnosis is required to determine if treatment is medically necessary

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