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We welcome you to explore our website, our school, and our community! We look forward to working with you as you move forward in the admissions process.

We are an accredited and nationally acclaimed School of Excellence and the only private k-12 school in the Twin Cities (and one of a handful of schools in the world) that is specifically designed for students with autism spectrum disorder and individual learning needs.

At Franklin Academy our Lower School (Kindergarten to 5th grade), Middle School (6th to 8th grade) and Upper School (grades 9-12) share one school, inspiring each other, supporting each other, challenging each other, and together, we are The Exceptional School for Exceptional Learners.

Finding the right school for your son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew or friend can be a daunting task. Franklin Academy has an admissions process that is designed so the applicant, parents or guardian, and the school can make an informed decision about whether the Academy will be the right fit for your child.

Now accepting applications


We are now accepting applications for the 2024-25 School Year. Please view the Admissions Process section below to begin the application process, or call (952) 737-6900 to find out more information.

Application Information

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Admission Process

The Admissions Process at Franklin Academy is a series of conversations, information and data collection, as well as observations and assessments evaluated by Franklin Academy’s Admissions Committee. The goal is to best understand the individual needs of each applicant and to measure how those needs can be met by Franklin Academy’s teaching and support team. During this process, families come to understand the Academy stands by its mission to provide a personalized learning path integrating academic, social, and life skills for qualifying students with an autism spectrum disorder or related neurodiversities.


Steps in the Process

The admissions process starts with thoroughly reading through the school’s website in order to gain a full understanding of our mission and the students we serve.

Prospective parents interested in our school should schedule a tour of our facility in order to view our students in action and ask additional questions regarding our program.

Apply by submitting the following admissions documents to Franklin Academy.

Completed application, including a photo of the applicant and $150 non-refundable application fee payable to Franklin Academy.

Current IEP and most recent comprehensive assessment OR psychological-educational evaluation.

Clinical evaluations (OT, PT, Speech Therapies, etc.), completed Teacher Input Form and school transcripts or report cards.

Once Franklin Academy has received all required admissions documents, a thorough document review and screening will be completed. A full-day student shadow will be scheduled in one of our classrooms. All 2032-24 Admissions Forms can be found below.

If, after review of a student’s application, student shadow and family interview, the Franklin Academy Admissions Team selects your child for admissions, an offer of enrollment (and potential tuition assistance award) will be made. Unfortunately, we are only able to offer admissions to a limited number of students that best fit who we serve.

Return signed contract and non-refundable $1,000 deposit. The enrollment contract Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Please note that if our staff deems it necessary for the your child to receive additional 1:1 support and services in order to attend our School, a diagnostic assessment through our Therapy Services will be required. Information from this assessment will be shared with the Franklin Admissions Committee in determining admissions decisions. If admissions is offered, these supports and services can be paid through qualifying health insurance, medical assistance, or private pay.

Admissions Deadlines

We are no longer taking applications for the current school year.   If you are interested in applying for the 2024-25 school year, please see admissions windows below.


Priority consideration for enrollment and tuition assistance is given to families that apply early. Applications are considered on a rolling basis; acceptance and tuition assistance will be granted as space and resources allow.

Please inquire at for more information.

Please note that no formal evaluation is completed by Franklin Academy prior to admission. Parents are encouraged to have a full evaluation completed by a developmental pediatrician or psychologist or must provide a recent psychological-educational evaluation and school records. An updated evaluation must be submitted every three years once enrolled.

Every student who is admitted to Franklin Academy must have a completed medical examination and immunization report.

If questions should arise pertaining to the admission policies or procedures, please contact admissions at (952) 737-6900 or

Student Eligibility

There are many reasons families seek out Franklin Academy, but the most common reason is that their child’s current school is not meeting their child’s academic and/or social needs. Students at Franklin Academy have a primary diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or related learning differences. The students at Franklin Academy are engaged in learning, manage themselves and their belongings, and are capable of attending school without 1:1 para- professional support.

The following characteristics describe our students:

  • Our students are capable of learning.
  • Our students are independently mobile.
  • Our students function independently in the classroom.
  • Our students perform all their own personal care.
  • Our students behave in a way that permits the learning of themselves and others to progress.
  • Our students have primary diagnoses that preclude a mental or behavioral disorder.

In order to ensure that your student will benefit from our program, we require a current neuro-psych evaluation or comprehensive evaluation from the school (conducted every 3 years) prior to admission.

Equal Opportunity

Franklin Academy values each student’s gifts as an individual, regardless of age, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or genetic information. Franklin Academy is unable to meet the needs of students with emotional or behavioral issues that may negatively impact the learning environment. This policy applies to all areas of student concerns; including admissions, athletics, educational policies, tuition assistance, and other school-administered programs.

Admission Forms
Evergreen Enrollment

We understand and are thankful that the vast majority of Franklin Academy families choose to remain at Franklin Academy for many years, so we created a simple, seamless process for you to keep your child enrolled with us. Evergreen contracts allow Franklin Academy to automatically re-enroll students for the following school year unless parents or guardians notify the academy of their decision not to return. You will now be able to enjoy a continuous enrollment system, reducing paperwork and making enrollment logistically convenient.

What are the benefits of an Evergreen Contract?

  • Simplicity! We look forward to serving Franklin Academy families through a simple, seamless process for you to keep your child enrolled with us.
  • Guaranteed placement. With Evergreen Contracts, you’ll be securing that coveted seat for your child each upcoming school year.

What is the Reservation Deposit?

The reservation deposit, formerly the re-enrollment deposit, secures placement for the upcoming year. This deposit is collected in order to assist the Franklin Academy administration in effectively planning for facilities, staffing, and curriculum for the upcoming school year.

How is the Reservation Deposit collected?

One Reservation Deposit per student is required to complete enrollment. The first year, you will sign the Evergreen Contract and then follow the Smart Tuition online re-enrollment instructions which will require you to set up a payment of the deposit (either ACH or Credit Card). The Reservation Deposit in subsequent years will be billed by Franklin Academy via SmartTuition in March, but you will not need to sign a contract.

What happens if I don’t pay the Re-enrollment Reservation Deposit by the March 14th deadline?

The student will not be considered enrolled for the upcoming school year and the student’s spot is not guaranteed.

Is the Registration Deposit refundable?

Once paid, the annual Registration Deposit is non-refundable. Any Reservation Deposit paid will be refunded in the event the student is not invited by Franklin Academy to return for the following school year.

What if I am behind on my account?

All accounts must be current in order to keep your student enrolled at Franklin Academy. Students will not be considered enrolled for the upcoming school year until accounts are current and the Reservation Deposit is paid.

What will the tuition be next year?

Click here for current tuition amounts. Tuition rates for the following year will be presented in mid February.

When can I apply for tuition assistance?

Currently, enrolled families may complete the application for tuition assistance any time after January 10th. The application must be completed and submitted to Blackbaud by end of the day on February 17th. New families may apply at any time; the application will not be processed until the student has been accepted for enrollment.

How do I communicate my Payment Plan preference?

Select the Payment Plan and the day of the month you wish to make your payments due within Smart Tuition. Questions can be directed to Allison Barosko at

What if my student(s) is/are not returning next year?

To withdraw the student for the following academic year, the Franklin Academy Official Withdrawal Notification Form available here must be completed. Your account must be up-to-date before the withdrawal is final.

After this year, what will the Re-enrollment season look like?

The typical re-enrollment season will simply be a communication reminder informing families that Smart Tuition will be billing your Reservation Deposit in March.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions? Please contact Allison Barosko at

Parent Open House & Information Night
Franklin Center conducted an Information and Q&A night on Jan. 23, 2024 at Franklin Center’s campus.  This info session included presentations from staff representing various programs within our organization.

View the recording from this year’s open house here

If you have questions related to information in this presentation, please contact admissions at (952) 737-6916 or

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