Organization Staff Directory

Below is a directory of all employees within our organization:




Georgette Benton Director of Infrastructure
Allison Barosko COVID Coordinator
Jackson Berra Registered Behavior Therapist
Courtney Berthiaume Teacher
Kelly Crampton Behavior Therapist
Austin Croteau Teacher
Suad De Leeuw Registered Behavioral Therapist
Joseph DeMarsh Janitor
Kade Drechsler Teacher
Andy Dreher Building Substitute/EPM Assistant
Melissa Eickhoff Mental Health Intern
Amy Epperson Vocational Services Coordinator
Michael Faeth Adult Education Manager
Colleen Farley Teacher
Grace Fitch Intervention Specialist
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Freese Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Wyatt Freie Registered Behavior Therapist
Juliana Fuller Registered Behavior Therapist
John Gabriel Teacher
Paul Gloudemans Admissions
Kelsey Goth Advancement Coordinator
Anita Haas Teacher
Colin Gran Registered Behavior Therapist
Elizabeth (Liz) Hall Teacher
Emily Hass Senior Registered Behavior Therapist
Chloe Herzog> Administrative Assistant – Organizational
Lea Ichimura Senior Clinical Behavior Therapist
Hannah Jacobson Teacher
Lisa Janisch Director of Behavior Education
Margaret (Maggie) Jensen Teacher
Chris Keller Teacher
Alyssa Kohorst Behavior Therapist
Carly Kortuem Director of Strategic Advancement
Amy Lincoln Clinical and Safety Trainer
Mikayla Lucci Teacher
Maureen Maher Donor Relations Officer
Jacqui Miller Clinic Manager
Liz Mills Clinic Manager
Ayan Mursal Clinical Behavior Therapist
Sunni Myers Mental Health Therapist
Veda Nadem Bookkeeper
Grace Olson Behavior Therapist
Michaela Parnell Registered Behavior Therapist
Louie Peralta Registered Behavior Therapist
Karla Przybylski Human Resources Manager
Kim Raes Billing Specialist
Luella Ramberg Executive Assistant
Claire Roberts Registered Behavior Therapist
Tina San Miguel Teacher
Kate Sands Administrative Assistant – Academy
Nancy Shelledy Teacher
Keiora Smith Clinical Behavior Therapist
Michael (Mike) Smith Teacher
Kim Snow Interim Executive Director
Kim Strandemo Principal
Katie Thormodsgaard Director of Clinical Services
Kelsey Toetschinger Adult Ed. Teacher
Abigail (Abby) Tollas Teacher
Amber Trapp Enrichment Programming Manager
Richard Ullman Custodian