Social & Emotional Skills

Social Skills

Social Skills in Franklin Capstone run the gamut from developing the initial self-awareness and self-monitoring skills to developing the skills and strategies to build quality relationships.

Community Participation

Franklin Capstone emphasizes and teaches students the importance of skills necessary to network in their community. A hands-on, research-based program, our community networks bring together many of the skills honed in other courses to develop them in experiential settings in the community. All community participation costs are included in the cost of the programming, and each week is built around at least one site visit/experience.

Social Recreation

Our Fridays are dedicated to all-day community social events. While the emphasis is on fun and social engagement, the intended purpose behind the activity is to maintain or improve mental and emotional well-being, reduce feelings of isolation, learn how to participate in social events, manage stress, negotiate differences, and plan for recreational events. Social Recreation is planned by the students with an emphasis on enhancing their physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and leisure development.

We strongly encourage young adults who may have already completed a transitions program to consider our ongoing social recreation activities as a cost-effective means of remaining socially engaged in a community of peers.


We define self-determination as being the driver of your own success under the four pillars of:

  • Support
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Trust

Self-Determination helps students understand themselves, understand their neurodiversities, and understand the world around them (and their place in it). In addition, Self-Determination uses social scenarios to model, practice, and discuss the executive functioning and mental health strategies necessary to achieve the highest degree of independent success possible.

A self-determined individual can:

  • Set and follow through on goals
  • Monitor progress and adjust if necessary
  • Consider options before making decisions
  • Maintain a positive mindset and attitude
  • Self-Advocate
  • Take risks
  • Accept criticism and feedback
  • Function at the highest level of independence possible
  • Celebrate successes

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