Putting social skills into action with Franklin Enrichment.

Franklin Enrichment takes the skills students learn in class and therapy and puts them in the driver’s seat. Through engaging experiences they build friendships, make connections, and practice their social skills. It’s functional fun!

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About Franklin Enrichment

Engaging to Enrich

Through a range of “outside of class” activities, students contribute and develop leadership skills. Whether it’s participation in service-learning or after-school activities such as clubs and athletics, students become self-directed, exploring areas of interest and experiencing success. All programs open to any student, whether at Franklin Academy or another school.

Holistic learning from the classroom to the community.
“The after-school programming is invaluable to our family. Our son gets to work on skills in a natural, playful setting with staff and peers he knows.”

– Parent
My son has loved every after school activity and club he has been involved in!  Basketball was probably his favorite and then arts and crafts, cooking, and soccer!” –Parent

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After-School Activities

We have a wide range of offerings, based on student interests. They’re always changing, so check back often!

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Owls' Nest

Looking for something good for your student before or after school? We have extended day programs with homework help, reading, games, and relaxing. Staffed by Franklin Center professionals and on-site.

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Community-Based Instruction

Community-Based Instruction (CBI) is educational instruction in naturally occurring community environments. Our goal is to provide a variety of hands-on learning opportunities to help students acquire the skills to live confidently in the world today.




For your convenience, piano lessons are offered during the school day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Each semester of lessons will include 16-thirty-minute sessions.

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Enrichment piano student

Got It! Tutoring

Got It! Tutoring provides additional intensive, one-to-one support for your student in critical core areas of language arts and/or math. Tutoring services are provided by our teachers and can be purchased in blocks of ten hours.

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Franklin Enrichment tutoring student

Activity Days

During select days when Franklin Academy does not have school, we offer Activity Days. These activity days are also open to students who do not attend the school.

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