Employment, Education & Independence

Is your young adult ready for a job? Can they live alone, or with roommates? Do they want to get a postsecondary degree? Franklin Capstone prepares students for a life lived independently with confidence through a variety of integrated programming, offered via full-time, part-time or flexible enrollment. See our curriculum catalog for all the courses in this Growth Area.

Employment Skills

Skim through the quiz below. If your answers were not unequivocally “yes,” your child could benefit from our Employment Skills programming.

In addition to our coursework, Franklin Capstone will work with county services and community partners to find internships, shadows, and paid work opportunities in a variety of experiences with similar-aged peers.

  • Does your child display appropriate hygiene, grooming, and dress, as it relates to a workplace environment?
  • Does your child have the self-advocacy and problem-solving skills to thrive in a work environment?
  • Does your child have executive functioning skills (time management, organization, planning, cognitive flexibility) to succeed in a work environment?
  • Does your child have the social skills to navigate a workplace environment and to accept authority?
  • Does your child have the emotional resiliency to stay at a difficult task and accept constructive feedback?
  • Does your child have a resume, cover letter, interview skills, and all of the necessary components to land that first or second job?
  • Does your child have volunteer and/or work experience to help fill out a resume and acquire or move beyond an entry-level position?
  • Has your child established the requisite networking skills and opportunities to find and secure employment opportunities?
  • Does your child have a clear and defined vocational pathway that is both realistic and motivating?

Life Skills Academics

For those lifelong learners who desire continued academic growth, we offer programming geared toward the learner’s individual needs but with a particular emphasis on the cognitive skills necessary to acquire and retain employment.

Independent Living

Does your child have the skills and understanding to routinely perform — without guidance, supervision, or reminders — the tasks necessary to live independently, including but not limited to:

    • Laundry
    • Meal Prep and Cooking
    • Home Improvement and Maintenance
    • First Aid/Safety Awareness
    • Finances/Money Management
    • Accessing Community Resources
    • Time Management/Scheduling Appointments

Does your child practice the self-care to live independently? To keep a clean self and home? To keep items regularly stocked and maintained?

Can your child navigate their transportation needs independently?

If you couldn’t confidently answer “yes,” your child could benefit from our Independent Living Skills programming. Working in conjunction with our Community Participation programming, Independent Living provides the hands-on practice and individual attention necessary to develop functional independence, both in the home and using community services.

In addition, we routinely offer programming geared towards specific independent living skills, such as financial literacy, technology, social media usage, and culinary skills.

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