Making the season Festive and Bright 

Making time for yourself, filling your cup, means everything you see is a little bit brighter. 

  • Schedule in time to take care of yourself by doing things that you enjoy. If it’s not scheduled in, it’s easy to forget. This means that you might need to be proactive and get some systems in place that allow you to have your scheduled activity. Ask for help if you need it! 
  • Be present in the moment. It is easy for us to think about all that needs to be accomplished, all the things that didn’t go according to plan, and what should be happening instead. If you find yourself wrapped up in one of these thought processes, try taking some deep breaths, intentionally slow down, and take a look around you. Focus on the events right then and there. 
  • Practice gratitude. Studies consistently show that daily thoughts of gratitude boost happiness.
  • Take care of your physical health. Remember to get sleep, relax, and then maybe play some games that help you move and laugh. 
  • If you’re feeling too stressed, talk about it. 
  • Prioritize and use healthy boundaries. What is important to you? Maybe you unschedule a few things, in order to have more peace and rest. Learning what is most important to you,  means you need to intentionally look at the situation, understand your goals and what you would like to accomplish. Then saying no to the rest can be a healthy thing to do because you are protecting yourself from becoming too overwhelmed. 
  • Give yourself permission If you need to say no to something, to help yourself, then give yourself permission to say no without feeling guilty. Give yourself permission to do a favorite regularly scheduled activity, and not feel guilty about the other activities that aren’t being done in the moment.